Bob Dylan – Ghosts Of Electricity

Published On 31 August, 2013 | By Andy Kershaw | Radio

Ghosts of Electricity is Andy Kershaw’s radio documentary about Bob Dylan & The Hawks’ infamous May 17th 1966 concert at the Manchester Free Trade Hall. (The “Judas” gig). First broadcast on BBC Radio 1 in 1999. Produced by Richard Masters, Andy Kershaw & CP Lee.

These are the only known photos of Bob Dylan and The Hawks (The Band) at the notorious concert. They were taken by Mark Makin, then a 15 year old schoolboy, from the third row of the front stalls, using a very basic camera and half a roll of film. Many thanks to Mark for his kind permission to use them here. To buy prints, and for enquiries about usage and publication, please contact Mark via his email

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