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Praise for No Off Switch

Published On 2 August, 2013 | By Andy Kershaw | No Off Switch

No Off Switch by Andy Kershaw‘I make it a rule not to puff books but Andy Kershaw’s NO OFF SWITCH is sensational. An amazing read. An amazing man. ‘ — Stephen Fry, in a tweet on 21 December 2011

‘Andy Kershaw has led an extraordinary life. His unrivalled role in bringing World Music to the ears of the west is just part of the story of this man whose zest for life, music, people, experience and travel made him the finest British broadcaster bar none. That his life has had its ups and downs is to say that the Alps have snowy peaks, but throughout this dizzyingly paced and often wildly hilarious book he brings alive his matchless career, and the cultural life of a Britain that seems to be vanishing. Forget Media Studies and a life of student debt: read NO OFF SWITCH and learn what it is to be a real broadcast journalist, a real achiever. A real someone. ‘ — Stephen Fry

‘I cannot recommend Andy’s book No Off Switch highly enough ¬- a terrific read from a real rock-and-roll war correspondent. This is one of those rare things – a beautifully crafted and genuinely well-written book from a music-business veteran who has looked at both sides now. As rare as a penguin in the Gobi desert, as I know from my own fifty-year experience dog paddling in the industry of human happiness. ‘– Keith Altham

‘Andy Kershaw is such an enthusiast. He made me travel a little further than I normally do. He has an ability to do things first and ask questions afterwards. Not a recipe for a safe, secure life, maybe, but it makes things a lot more interesting for the rest of us.’ — Michael Palin

‘A gloriously cheeky bastard. Read this book. A handbook for our times. ‘– Pete Townshend
‘Andy Kershaw is a compulsive truth-teller and he does it with verve, wit and passion. He is one of the few truly original voices in broadcasting and his book is already a classic’ — Fergal Keane

‘Without you we wouldn’t know nothin’!’ — Joe Strummer

‘Passionate and furiously funny – Andy Kershaw is unfailingly fearless. ‘– Dame Ann Leslie
‘Andy Kershaw’s memoir zooms along with the high-velocity recklessness of a TT racer. It’s impossible not to cheer him on as he accelerates round the hairpin bends of his life, yelling hilarious defiance at anyone who tries to stop him. ‘ — Francis Wheen

‘He’s always wired himself up to the action. A very entertaining book. Keep it goin’, Andy! ‘ — Ralph Steadman

‘The boy wonder has survived it all and this thoroughly absorbing journal bears witness to that. Kershaw’s integrity and humility shines throughout. I couldn’t put this down. ‘– Blues & Soul

‘A national treasure and born again hero’– Daily Telegraph

‘It’s his ability to convey a sense of moment-by-moment aliveness that makes Andy Kershaw, the greatest living English-language broadcaster.’ — Toby Litt

‘Fabulously well-written – the wit, the brimming enthusiasm and the outrage all come direct from the broadcasting voice’ — James Medd, Word Magazine

‘A groundbreaking DJ… Kershaw has had one hell of a life… strange and comic’ — Independent on Sunday

‘This sparky autobiography captures with exuberance his pioneering career as a music broadcaster who opened our ears, and still does.’ — I newspaper

‘His radio appearances have become rare. He’s an intermittent eruption, making everything before and after sound as if it were made by zombies.’ — New Statesman

‘It’s fabulously well written… the wit, the brimming enthusiasm and the outrage all come direct from the broadcasting voice’ — James Medd

‘Hilariously opinionated’ — Independent

‘Kershaw has had a fascinating life’ — Metro

‘Infuriating, revealing, candid, funny, rough-edged and, ultimately, moving… He writes like he broadcasts, engagingly, knowledgeably, and opinionatedly’ — Alan Taylor, Herald

‘Intrepid to the point of lunacy, Kershaw escaped landmines and guns and has lived to tell us this admirable tale” — Blues & Soul, August 2011

‘Confirms what a fine travel writer he is, with a particularly sharp eye for the telling detail.’ — Daily Mail, 19 August 2011

‘A staggeringly good read. It takes a lot for me to laugh heartily. I’ll be stealing openly from it.’ — Nigel Blackwell, Half Man Half Biscuit

‘A highly passionate, opinionated, witty, enlightening account of the broadcaster’s career, personal life and worldview.’ — Record Collector

`This book is already a classic’ — Fergal Keane

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